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Lessons in Shopping

I recently took one of my fave clients shopping.

She made my job much easier by having a specific colour in mind but as for garment, style, length etc, was generally open to suggestion.

We had limited time and stores to visit, but what she ended up with was a dress from a store she'd never considered visiting.

Not only would she have disregarded the store completely, but she admitted she'd have never tried this dress on had I not selected it for her.

There's a few lessons here.

When you shop, don't palm off stores, without at least popping your head in for a quick browse. You never know what gems lie in store.

If you ever think you can't "pull off" something, take it to the dressing room and try it on.

Some of my most successful styling jobs began with a client saying 'I'm not wearing that' only for them to end up loving it once they tried it on.

In short, be open and you might just come away with something that excites you.

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