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How Did I End Up Frumpy?

I hear these words far too often from women who not only feel they’ve lost their mojo, but have no idea where and when.

And I guess it's one of those things that sneakily creeps up on some of us, for any one of a number of reasons. Whether it be down to a lack of motivation, finding time or the shape of our bodies changing as a result of aging, childbirth or menopause.

A perfect example is when we gain weight. The need to hide our bodies can often lead to dressing in oversized clothing, perhaps that feature elastic waistbands, and voluminous, loose garments.

These items can become a comfort, a go-to cover up and this practice can be the beginning of the "frump factor".

Having a lack of motivation and time to shop can get you out of practice and before you know it, you've no idea where to shop and what to look for, so you give up and stick to the same ill fitting leggings and old shirts you've been wearing for years.

I also find that Mums often feel guilty for spending money on themselves; like they're not important or deserving enough of a new dress or pair of heels.

So how did you end up feeling frumpy and how do you un-frump yourself?

If you’ve found yourself lost, unsure of your personal style, and how to dress the body you have right now - rather than the one you had before - you may consider signing up to the Inna Moment Style Coach Membership Programme.

Not only is it an investment in your self-care and self-esteem, but it will assist you in becoming your own style expert and help you discover a wardrobe full of options that flatter you mentally, emotionally and physically. .

No matter your age or stage in life, you CAN feel more stylish and confident every single day.

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