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My Universal Shopping Rule

One of the most asked questions I face as a Style Coach is . . .

“How do I shop for myself properly?”

Or variations of this.

Like :

“How do I know what to look for?”

“How can I actually enjoy shopping?”

“How can I be confident in my purchases?”

And I have tons of answers.

Depending on the client, her stage of life, personality, interests, age etc, it will always be down to the woman as an individual, how I answer this.

BUT there is one tip top response that applies to EVERYONE.

It’s my very own rule of thumb and what I live by when shopping for myself and others.

It’s foolproof. It’s authentic. And it’s what ALL women should keep in mind when shopping for themselves.

Ready . . . ?

Here it is . . .

Buy what draws you in.

If you're into it, if you love it, if it catches your eye, if you can't go past it, buy it and MAKE IT work.

And if that seems too daunting Inna Moment​ offers personalised shopping experiences that help you take charge, find stuff, be inspired AND enjoy the process.

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