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Staying Styling : A workshop for Women Fifty & Over

I have a ton of clients over fifty and they are some of the most stylish women I know.

No surprise, really.

We women, generally speaking, tend to be far more in tune with ourselves as we age.

Personally speaking, I began to shed inhibitions and become a little less concerned about what others thought, once I hit my thirties.

But there are too many women who fall into the other camp - where they reach a certain age and either give up, feel lost, lose hope, get stuck or lose interest.

If that's you, or someone you know, keep reading.

At fifty and over, you need to know that you CAN and SHOULD still look gorgeous.

There's no age limit to being fabulous.

Women of ALL AGES should be embracing their time of life, whether it's 25 or 85.

Women, no matter how old, should be rocking their style.

And with Inna Moment, you CAN.

If you're fifty and over, or you know someone that is, Inna Moment is offering a workshop dedicated to you!

You'll be delivered a whole host of beauty, fashion and styling advice, especially for you - from shopping tips and dressing tricks to makeup application and colour confidence.

If you want to learn all this and more, register your interest and get the ladies together - you're in for a treat.

Ticket price is just $19.99 and includes tea/coffee and cupcakes PLUS every attendee will go in the draw to win an Inna Moment Champagne Makeover.

>> R E G I S T E R << to secure your spot. Reservations are limited.

Staying Stylish : Fifties Plus Workshop

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