It All Goes Back To Education

Y'all know by now that creating outfits and teaching my clients how it all comes together, from accessorising and styling tricks to creating more advanced outfits, is a huge passion of mine.

My approach is more about ‘do you feel good in this?' and 'here's why this looks good' rather than ‘I'm making you wear this'.

I refer to myself as an empathetic stylist. Which means I’m never going to make a client wear something that doesn’t feel authentic to them, no matter what I might think.

If you’ve dressed a certain way your entire life, you’re not going to change it up overnight. It’s a process, that takes time.

So when we get together, how much I push my clients all depends on what they want and where they're at. By that I mean if they're ready for change and new ideas, baby steps won't be necessary.

It all goes back to education. If you don’t educate yourself on what your personal style really is, and how to enhance what you've got, you're never gonna look and feel the best you can.

The Inna Moment Style Coach Membership Programme is a great way to get ongoing support, advice and ideas about styling, fashion and beauty, without ever having to leave the comfort of your couch and can help with providing you with the tools you need to build a successful wardrobe, shop better and look amazing.

It’s also a wonderful tool for building confidence and a sense of empowerment. 💪

To sign up or get more information, get in touch. It's just 17 bucks a month!