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A P R I L ?!

Anyone else flipping out that’s APRIL?! 😳 Feel like I just whipped away the Christmas tree, and yet here I am, busily planning 2018’s upcoming workshops, events and brand new services.

I may have bitten off more than I can chew, but I’m risky like that! 😏

If you wanna know what’s in store for Inna Moment, here’s a wee snapshot.

Thursday 12th & Friday 13th April - Product Info & Demo Evening. If you haven’t received an invitation to one of these evenings and would like to come along and see what’s on offer and give your feedback, please get in touch.

Saturday 5th May - Shopping Trip. Details of which have only been shared with my Inna Moment Style Coach Group until now. Stay tuned for more info.If you'd like any more details about these upcoming events, click on the message button and I'll hook you up!

Saturday 26th May - Staying Stylish : Fifties & Over Workshop. A few hours of beauty, styling and fashion ideas and advice, dedicated to women, you guessed it, fifty and over. Tickets are limited and just $19.99 each so don't delay - get in touch to book your spot.

Shadan - Inna Moment Style Coach

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