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Styling Topic No. 2 : Layering

When temps are falling, it can be difficult to find ways to stay warm without bulking up, but it's also the perfect transitional season to experiment with creative layering and mixing textures. And if you get playful about it, you can get more wear out of your existing favourites.

Layering is all about getting creative. It calls for plenty of experimenting with unconventional combinations in varying lengths, colours and textures, such as a longer button down shirts underneath fitted blazers.

To really make the layered look work, keep your outer layers longer than the under layers and show just a narrow strip of the under layer at your neckline, hem, and/or sleeves. For example, a longer jacket, coat, or blazer looks best when paired with a shorter hem below.

If you're not keen on too much colour and mixture of pattern and print, opt for a chic and sophisticated monochromatic look by incorporating a mix of materials to create interest. Start with a great base, lightweight add-ons, cool outerwear, and accessories in different textures, but all in the same hue.

layering with inna moment

layering with inna moment

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