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The Trouble With Big Boobs

I have BIG boobs.

There’s plenty of chub in there these days, but even as a slender twenty-something, I had a sizeable rack.

And lemme tell y’all, large udders can be a curse.

I can’t wear strapless tops and dresses. My back suffers from extra booby weight. I have spent a small fortune on ugly-ass bras. And don’t get me started on sleeping on my stomach.

I developed early and as a result, suffered embarrassment and ridicule.

I hated bra shopping as a teen and after 3 kiddies and significant weight gain, it’s still something I avoid.

Which is why my bras are quite literally falling apart.

I alternate the same few shitty boulder holders purely because they're comfortable and I can't bare the thought of being judged for not having my girls properly held up and supported by some pert young assistant with B cups.

And God knows they need to be! Supported, that is. I'm carrying kilos of tissue and fat in these puppies and they prevent me from doing a lot in life - like watching TV with no bra on, being fully submerged in a bath tub and y'know other fun stuff.

Though I will say I can store an entire family block of chocolate in my cleavage, so who's really winning here? 😉

Anyway, recently one of my underwires broke free and spent the day lodged in my heart and that's when I made the decision to do myself a favour.

Timing was perfect that I then came across an Intimo Lingerie pop up shop in my hometown.

I bit the bullet. I spent a bit of time chatting with Kamni, the sales consultant and then let my guard down.

I left having been fitted and feeling surprisingly upbeat.

So I have big boobs 🤷🏽‍♀️ 36F to be frank.

But I’m rocking this gorgeous new bra set and the twins are separated, not squished together, well supported and looking lovely.

Result is, my clothes sit better, my back is less strained and more importantly, I overcame a real fear of purchasing underwear for myself.


P.S. Mine look better than hers!

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