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Topic No. 9 : Emphasising Your Waist

Those of you who are rounder / wider / intoned / not confident in the tummy area might read this topic title and wince - but you CAN and SHOULD emphasise your waistline.

It’s all about creating a flattering silhouette.

And you don't have to wear something tight or cinch your waist with a belt to achieve this.

For ideas on how to define your shape here’s a few of my top items . . .

> The wrap dress is not only the ultimate garment in effortless ease, elegance and sophistication, it is also one of the most flattering and versatile. It simply wraps around the body, hugging the smallest point on the body, defining the waist with a tied belt.

> Make structured, fitted and perfectly tailored blazers that feature darting and a nipped waist your go-to. They compliment jeans, trousers, dresses and skirts so they

> Colour blocking is awesome for creating illusion. With panels of two contrasting colours – one down the centre of a dress, for example, and one creating a shadow like effect at the sides – makes the body appear narrower and the waist visually cinched.

> Layer a cropped jacket over an otherwise shapeless dress for instant waist emphasis without the need for a belt.

> Invest in peplum tops as they fit in the waist and then flare, making your waist look narrow in comparison to the width of the flare and works to disguise a tummy.

> Knot your shirt. It will not only transform a plain tee and give it new shape, but will also define your waist and add visual interest.

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