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Fashion You're Never Too Old For

I meet alot of women who avoid fabulously stylish pieces for fear that they're "just too old to pull them off".

I answer the age-old question "am I past it?" constantly and trying very time the answer is “hell no!”

Here's a few fashion examples you're never too old to wear.

> Bold colours. They are ALWAYS on trend. Year-round, any age, any time and adding a splash of colour to your outfit will lift your spirits and give you a more youthful, bright appearance. This goes for clothing AND cosmetics.

> Scarves. The BEST accessory a girl can own and they will never out-date. The options for length, fabric and colour are endless and you're never too young or too old to wear these outfit finishers.

> Blazers. These are an ageless wardrobe staple. Invest in a good-quality tailored ones and you'll wear for life.

> Patterned dresses, tea dresses, especially wrap dresses and just dresses in general. Adjust knee and arm length to really flatter any figure at any age.

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