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Wardrobe Staples : Pearls - and lots of them!

Before you roll your eyes and think "GRANDMA", hear me out!

I'm by no means referring to a traditional, pricey "set of pearls", though given the occasion, can be a beautiful accent to a classic outfit. I'm talking about faux pearls, as in a string of.

Not only are they perfect for the office, a formal affair or a casual day out, but they can soften an edgy outfit and add layered texture and interest to an otherwise dull outfit.

While pearls are definitely a classic fashion statement, they're most certainly not just for those who prefer classic styles.

Not only are there many ways to wear them, they come in a variety of colours, sizes, lengths and layers and of course, they suit everyone.

Check out the pics over on the Inna Moment Facebook page for some pearl inspiration.

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