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Take risks

We tend to make mad attempts to leap out our comfort zones and while I love the intention, I can’t help but think . . .

How comfortable is that comfort zone?

Maybe they're just called a "comfort zone" because we get so stuck for so long, we just can't be bothered to pull ourselves out.

This doesn't necessarily mean comfort to me.

In fact, I'd say most comfort zones AREN'T that comfortable at all - it's just a case of better the devil you know.

So how about not bothering with making lavish, over-the-top resolutions for the year ahead and instead just focus on not settling and on not making excuses.

Stop being comfortable, if that's what you are. Start taking risks. Begin a new chapter. Try something new and inspired.

And I don't just mean with fashion and beauty. Life is fleeting. Step out. Be bold. Take risks.

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