Invest in you

It's around about this time every year I start making plans for the year ahead, in an attempt to prioritize my time, my goals and my wellbeing. I make a list and I feature at the very top.

So where do YOU fit on YOUR list?

If you're thinking about spending more time on YOU (and you should be) the Inna Moment Style Coach Membership Programme is worth a look in.

It’s about so much more than fashion inspiration and beauty advice. It’s also about discovering confidence, new ideas, energy and working with a professional stylist in a cost effective way.

The programme is a virtual service that offers huge value for money, hefty discounts and encouragement to live a stylish life.

If this sounds like a bit of you, you can sign up for a measly $17 per month.

Numbers are limited so get in touch ASAP.

Start the year with YOU as your top priority! 💕