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Watering Dead Plants

Ever heard of this saying before?

I love Mel Robbins. She makes a lot of sense.

It's a vital part of healthy growth, right? To stop watering dead plants, to stop giving energy to the things that died a long time ago. Because if you don’t, you'll never truly make room for new things to grow.

And this is true for EVERYTHING in our lives - including our personal style.

Stop attempting to squeeze yourself into the latest trends if they're just not you.

Stop dressing to please other people.

Stop making excuses for not spending time on yourself.

Stop putting energy into things you can't change and devote time to things you can and want to.

Don't get caught up in trying to be anything other than you.

All these things are "dead plants".

Start watering the things you want to see grow.

Mel Robbins, Inna Moment


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