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We all know that horizontal stripes have a bad reputation.

How many times have you heard that "horizontal stripes make you look bigger"?

At some stage you may have been offered advice to "avoid wearing horizontal stripes across larger parts of your body" or "the wider the stripe, the wider the area will appear" and "if you have broad shoulders or a full bust, avoid horizontal striped tops at all costs".

For those of you that actually believe this myth, I'm about to gently shake that belief right out of you. Because far too many women are missing out on sporting this chic print that compliments just about any other print.

Ultimately, it’s about finding stripes which are flattering to your own style and body shape. And, the great thing about stripes is that they never date. They’re just as on trend now as they were when Coco Chanel first wore the infamous Breton top in the 1930's.

So here's a few easy, stylish ideas to rock those stripes.

> Match your body size and create balance. Keep the size of the stripe in line with the size of your body. If you’re tall or full-figured, then wear bigger, wider stripes. Petite women should opt for small stripes that are closer together.

> Work with your body shape. Use stripes to create optical illusions to elongate your body. For example, if you're petite, choose items that aren’t fully striped. A colour-blocked top is a great way to avoid drowning your frame.

> Use stripes as an element of your outfit instead of the entire look. Try a striped t-shirt under a solid-colour blazer or cardigan, which helps break up the impact of the stripes.

> Monochromatic stripes will keep your look lean and chc. Try black on grey or wearing a stripe with a bright-coloured denim.

horizontal stripes

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