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Effortlessly Chic

We're all busy. Life is hectic but but the process of looking great isn't and shouldn’t be that complicated. In fact, it really is achievable to look effortlessly chic, every day.

And the simple place to start is with your wardrobe.

Looking effortlessly chic requires organisation, so clear out the clutter and get rid of anything that’s permanently stained, torn, doesn’t fit or isn't your style anymore. Anything you no longer want can be donated for someone else to enjoy.

When your unused pieces are gone, edit out any items that just aren’t visually attractive or appealing to you. If you don't have oversized, old shirts hanging in your wardrobe front and centre, they won't be easy to grab. Right?

Once your wardrobe is now only showcasing stuff you actually like to wear, analyse whether or not those items are versatile. To look effortlessly chic requires crafty mixing and matching of clothes and accessories. Keep only the pieces that work.

Now that you have some serious space in your wardrobe, you should definitely reward yourself with a shopping spree. But before you go filling your wardrobe up again, here’s some ideas to help you look effortlessly chic.

> Embrace the basics . . .

Classics aren't boring. Invest in timeless pieces like good denim, tailored blazers, or some good quality boots. These classics mix and match easily and can be dressed up or down.

> Master Layering . . .

The next time you put pants and a shirt on, think about how you can layer the look. What accessories will give the outfit more dimension? A cool scarf, chunky belt, statement shoe or bright handbag are all easy ways to layer texture and colour to your look.

> Make it casual . . .

Natural fabrics that breathe and move not only look good, they feel nicer to wear too. Go easy on hair styling and makeup for a softer, more effortlessly chic look.

For help sorting out your wardrobe so that it works more effectively, book a Wardrobe Inspiration session with Inna Moment here

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