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It's OK to wobble

Some time mid last year I wrote a post about vulnerability. I talked about how it was my own vulnerability that kept women coming back to me week after week, and my ability to open up about myself just as much as I allow others to open up to me. I wrote that it made me relatable because women want empathy, understanding and to know other women are just as exhausted, struggling and real as they are. I stumbled across this post, looking for something else and I feel that it was a 'meant to be' find. I wrote it for my audience, but it was ME that needed to read this today. Like so many others, I'm terrible at allowing myself to feel things, to wallow, to be anything other than strong and confident, so it took a deep breath and some tough guts to share my most recent post; but the truth is, I had to check myself and be reminded of my 'vulnerability post'. I think it's sometimes harder to ADMIT we feel lost and low and defeated than actually just feeling that way. We're hard on ourselves, we don’t think our feelings have validity, we see being out of control of our emotions as weakness. It's difficult to admit we're in a slump, regardless whether we ALL feel overwhelmed from time to time. I'm no expert on any of this stuff, but here's what I DO know . . . Stress and anxiety are common experiences for most and while there are no quick fixes, there are ways to combat those feelings. > Exercise. Not only does it lower your body's stress hormones, it also releases endorphins that improve your mood and act as natural painkillers. > Rest, sleep and quiet time is non-negotiable. > Invest in yourself. Whether it be some time out, a big slice of cheesecake, an indulgent pedicure, whatever it is, do something for YOU. > Vitamin D and fresh air gives you energy and new perspective. Get out of the house. Be kind to yourself. It's OK to wobble.

its OK to wobble

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