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A wee story . . .

You never know who, when or how you’re impacting another person’s life.

I know that I make a difference in my client’s lives, even if only in the smallest of ways, but the other day I was sent a story from a friend . . . I’d like to share it with you.

Once upon a time there was a Mum who had lots of lovely clothes, but after a third child, believed she had to wear “practical mummy clothes” - including shorts.

But she hated shorts. Especially since most of hers were hand-me-downs from her Mother-in-law.

One day this Mum met a gorgeous, vivacious woman and struck up a friendship.

She felt uncomfortable in her own skin (and shorts).

But the Gorgeous One talked to her about dressing with confidence and to not settle, so she threw out her Mother-in-law's shorts and began wearing all her favourite clothes.

On those days when she felt uncomfortable again, she would pause and think of the Gorgeous One and change her earrings or clothes.

And now this Mum feels confident and happy in her own skin (not in her hand-me-down shorts).

I love this story . . . and not just because I play "the Gorgeous One" role, but because I made a difference.

This Mum now feels confident because of something I did.

These stories are why I do what I do.


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