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Love Yourself More

I'm sure it comes as no surprise that I regularly hear comments and receive emails from women who desperately want to hide their "flaws"; women who have the perception that everyone constantly notices their worst bits.

More than anything, my work has made me an expert on women - how we think, how we communicate, what we look for, how we perceive things and guess what I can tell you with absolute conviction - ya'll are far too worried about what everyone else is thinking.

People are so focused on their own insecurities, flaws, life struggles, jobs, family, etc etc to concern themselves with your big hips or choice of hair colour.

If, on the off chance, someone is so fixated on you and your "flaws", surely it says more about THEM than it does about you?

You verbally or non verbally pointing out or drawing attention to the bits you're not comfortable with (either consciously or unconsciously) will often determine whether or not people will actually notice them; but if you don't, chances are they'll be overlooked.

Of course, you can practice ways to hide your perceived flaws in an attempt to feel less self-conscious, but remember that others just aren’t as focused on you the way you are on yourself.

So despite the fact that it's easier said than done, please, for the love of pete, stop being so self-critical.

Focus on highlighting the areas that you actually WANT people to notice and showcase the hell outta them.

Stop wasting time worrying about those "flaws" and love yourself more.

love yourself

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