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Check Yourself

It's officially half way through the year!

OK it isn't, but May 1st is pretty bloody close to it, and this is the time that we all start panicking about not having ticked off all the things we'd so diligently planned at the start of the new year.

In January we tend to make grand plans and resolutions in an attempt to prioritize our time and smash some goals; but many, if not most of us, will fall foul come May.

Don't beat yourself up though. There's still time to get your shit together.

And the truth is, what we should really focus on is prioritsing ourselves.


Because we give more when we're happy, healthy and balanced, so its imperative - being a wife, mother, friend, business owner and anything else you may be labelled, that you're in control of your own journey, health and happiness.

So . . . are you?

you are here to be awesome

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