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Styling Made Simple

As an Image Consultant, I am well equipped with the knowledge of how to determine a woman's body shape. I learned the formula for a comprehensive colour analysis and I know what styles and colours a woman would look best in from fifty paces.

But I don't care about all that fluff . . . and frankly, neither should you.

So what if you're a pear shape?

Chances are your bum's not the size you want it to be, nor the size it used to be.

Guaranteed your boobs don't sit the way you'd like or quite the way they used to and I'm sure you're still working on that tummy roll that you feel is so much more obvious than it truly is.

Your body, your complexion and your style are unique and regardless of what I could ever preach to you about it, you will have things you love and things you don’t.

So my approach is simply to help you showcase whatever makes you feel and look your best. My aim is to simplify the fluff . . .

Because, actually, it SHOULD be simple 🤷🏽‍♀️

Simple Styling

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