Condition Yourself For Success

Did you know that we can actually condition ourselves for success?

To do it you need to reflect and make changes by first defining your priorities and then creating routine.

Humans are creatures of routine . . . and routine is habitual.

Personally my reflection lead me to wanting to better my health, internally and externally. I needed to find strength in my core to combat back pain and I needed to start eating well to remedy ongoing gut issues, amongst other things.

Then came the hard part, which was having to actually take action, break routine and make changes, both physically and mentally.

Did I WANT to stop eating chocolate everyday? NO.

Did I WANT to start my day slogging it out at the gym? NO.

But if you want change, you have to ask yourself, what's more important, what do I want more?

Results come but they take time, determination and commitment.

And you can't expect different results if your habits stay the same, right?

I wanna see what happens if I don't give up. That fuels me more than chocolate.

Shadan - Style Coach