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I chat to so many women who WANT change, who CRAVE confidence, who NEED motivation, in various areas of their lives and the thing is . . . No matter what you want, what your goals are, where you are right now and how you're feeling, you always have a choice. Many of you will know I made one about my health and fitness some nine months ago when I strolled into Evolve Fitness Matamata, an unprepared, out of shape, probable one-time guest. I'll be honest, I followed the steps from the back of that sculpt class, boobs flailing, body gyrating, sweating like crazy and silently struggling. God knows why, but I came back for the next class . . . and the next . . . and the next . . . and then I realised that I might actually be a regular, so I invested in decent sports bras coz the girls were copping a beating! Then in time, I confidently moved to the middle of the room, unashamed of what my Lycra clad arse might look like mid squat to those behind. And somehow I've managed to creep to the front of that class, busting out the moves with gusto, confident of the routine. I'm not saying it's easy, but for me, the gym was never an option, not since I was in my mid twenties. The point is that I took the first step, before I was ready, before I felt comfortable or confident or sure of what I was doing . . . and I kept going, even when it was too hard, or too sore, even when I had thought of brilliant excuses not to go, I just kept going. We all need to take on this mindset about the tough stuff. It's not all going to be easy. But in life, just like in the gym, you either throw the towel in or use it to wipe the sweat off your face!!

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