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Inspirational Champagne Makeover

When I first relocated to Matamata I met a young woman to whom I gifted my styling services.

She was in need of a confidence boost and some advice and I was thrilled that she'd come to me, as she was amongst some of the first of my clients.

I met this woman's mother during the time we were working together and she threw her arms around me to thank me for being such an inspiration to her daughter.

Fast forward 5 years or so and I met that mum who emotionally threw her arms around me again; this time at Evolve Fitness Matamata. Turns out Sharon remembered me and we struck up a conversation.

I soon learned that Sharon had been diagnosed with angina and discovered that three of her heart's arteries were blocked, which led her to have double bypass surgery.

Sharon continued her gym visits and her stubborn determination and positivity has been an inspiration to so many that I wanted to give her an experience that was just for her.

This morning Sharon enjoyed a few hours of being made up, sipping bubbles and playing dress ups with me in the Inna Moment studio. Her emotion and pure joy throughout this time was infectious and I feel so privileged that I get to share in these moments with my clients.

Keep your eyes peeled for some of Sharon's makeover pics. This one is my favourite because it portrays a strong, beautiful warrior of a woman, proud of her impressive battle scar (yes that’s a scar, not just cleavage).

For more of Sharon's gorgeous makeover images go to the Inna Moment facebook page.

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