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Client Story

This is the story of one of my clients and with her permission, I’d like to share it with you. . . “For too many years I really struggled with my self confidence and it reflected in my choice of clothing. I had a full wardrobe, but most of what I owned I didn't wear because I couldn't match it all together. Shopping confused me and I often bought items I’d rarely wear. Then I decided to talk to someone. A professional. And my life literally changed. I started my self discovery journey with Shadan and for the first time, really got to know myself. Now not only is my wardrobe well balanced and easy to choose from but I’m confident and empowered to wear all of it, knowing I look my best.” . . By looking deeper into who you are, you not only discover more of what’s on the inside, but it will also manifest on the outside.



Through Inna Moment's coaching you can begin to build on your inner and outer self confidence.

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