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Self Acceptance

I've always enjoyed experimenting with fashion and beauty, but when I began working with women to help them look and feel beautiful and confident, it became a passion. . . Over the years I've developed workshops, programs and services, on a mission to empower women to halt negative internal dialogue and focus on loving themselves. . . Today I coach women through the ‘I’m not good enough, attractive enough, skinny enough’ jargon, working on what’s on the INSIDE to reach a place of self acceptance and confidence, that complements the outside. . . I find many women struggle with true self acceptance because their goal is usually tied to weight loss or similar. . . It’s important to understand that learning to love and accept yourself, both physically and emotionally is NOT about weight loss. Getting a grip on who and what we are goes far deeper and often the weight we need to lose is not on our body, but rather in our minds. . . If you’d like further information and advice about building on your self acceptance and overall confidence, get in touch to book a FREE consultation.

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