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Wardrobe Inspiration - questions answered

I get asked more questions about Inna Moment​'s Wardrobe Inspiration sessions than I do any other service, so here's a list of facts you might wanna know . . . . . >> Wardrobe Inspos take place in your wardrobe. I come to you whenever's convenient - morning, noon or night, and yup, even on weekends. . . >> These sessions are not about telling you what and what not to wear, but rather to give you MORE options from your existing wardrobe. . . >> The time spent will help you evaluate your style and work out what needs editing. i.e. why don't you wear that pretty pleated skirt you bought 3 years ago and how to incorporate it, or move it out if it no longer inspires you. . . >> I help you find ways to mix and match your pieces to create outfits you've perhaps never considered. . . >> Together we identify what's missing and what you have perhaps too much of. . . >> You'll not only learn stuff, but also be inspired by your very own stash, or at least what your stash COULD be with a few additons. . . >> I DO NOT suggest you throw stuff out. That choice is YOURS. . . >> I WILL give my honest opinion ALWAYS. . . >> I WILL NOT judge your style, clothing purchases, lack of clothing or hoarding tendancies. . . >> I WILL NOT suggest you spend a fortune on shopping for new items. . . >> I am available to offer post session advice. . . >> I will always recommend and advise truthfully and authentically, based on YOU, your style, personality and lifestyle. . . >> I will come into your space professionally, but also like a trusted friend, to offer expert opinion and guidance. . . >> I rarely knock back offers of tea / coffee / wine. 😜 . . And here’s what people have said about their Wardrobe Inspiration experience . . . . . “I love Shadan's relaxed, reassuring manner and she has fabulous ideas. After the session I felt like I had a whole new wardrobe - I highly recommend.” . . “I have a heap of new outfits without having even gone shopping! Get a Wardrobe Inspiration session with Inna Moment! It changed my perspective on getting dressed.” . . “I never thought having someone go through my clothes would motivate so much.” . . “I found new ways to wear stuff I forgot I even owned. Best fun I’ve had in ages!” . . Want some of your own Wardrobe Inspiration? Get in touch for more info.

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