Just a Part of My Story

During the month of October I hold my breath and attempt to stay afloat in a sea of a trillion conflicting emotions. . . I proudly and happily celebrate another year of marriage with my soulmate. . . I grieve and mourn the loss of my Mother. . . I rally my family and friends together to toast her on her birthday. . . And I desperately try to navigate a few other uncontrollable and sensitive issues that arise during this month. . . It’s a tough time and a month that reminds me of just how broken I am, how complicated and unfair life can be . . . BUT it also teaches me, every time, that I am strong, that I’m in control of my life and that I’m incredibly resilient. . . This is part of my life. The pain, the noise, riding the waves; its all part of my story. I accept its hard, but how I deal with it, well that’s up to me. . . And I never realised how this story of mine and my services as a stylist would not only force me to focus on self love and inner strength for my clients, but also within myself. . . I never truly understood how much of an impact my experiences and empathy could have on someone else’s self worth and how it could so greatly affect my own. . . I offer my clients advice on fashion, style and beauty, but more importantly, I’m here to help you uncover your potential, to listen to your insecurities, to encourage you to overcome your self doubt, to motivate you, inspire you and shine a light on all that is beautiful and fabulous in you. . . I’ve learned strategies for myself and I share them openly with you. . . So if you’re in a rut, lacking in confidence, feel lost and in need of some guidance, know that you CAN conquer it all - you’ll just do it better and quicker with some help. . . Get in touch to book your Inna Moment consultation and start showing up as the best version of yourself.

Shadan - Inna Moment