3 common shopping problems & how to resolve them

Most women I meet have PLENTY in their wardrobes and still find they have nothing to wear.

Sound like you? Then read on, because there ARE solutions to these common shopping issues.

Problem 1 : You have no idea what's in your wardrobe . . . One of the biggest reasons why shopping is not yielding you anything that ever gets worn is because you don't know what you actually have. The solution? Simple. Have a sift through. Clean up. Categorize. Organize your items so that every day you can see clearly what you have, which of course will make shopping far more productive and less wasteful (time and money and wise).

Problem 2 : Repeat Buying . . . It's easy to continue to buy the items that you know you love and that work. But it's just as difficult to stop yourself for buying too many, just because it's on sale, it's in your size, or whatever excuse you may have at the time. By all means, by stuff that you fall in love with, but be realistic. You don't need 37 pairs of jeans and you don't need to buy every single pair of leopard print loafers you see just because you're going through a phase. Honestly, you don't. Go through your wardrobe and remind yourself of what you have. It'll put things into perspective before you go out and buy yet another unnecessary "repeat".

Problem 3 : You keep buying stuff but never have anywhere to wear it . . . Buying items that you love is NOT a bad thing but you have two choices - either buy it and MAKE yourself wear it (that is the reason you bought it, right?) or stop and ask yourself before you make the purchase "is this going to perch on a hanger with the tag still attached for the next 12 months?" If you're going to invest, whether it be $20 or $200, you may aswell actually get a return on that investment.

If you need help or advice with shopping or getting to grips with your wardrobe so that it's functional and inspiring, get in touch with me. I'm kind of a pro.