Avoid Getting Stuck

We may be isolated. We may not be seeing anyone other than our spouses and children or parents and partners, but that doesn’t have to mean pjs and messy top knots every day.

I’m still making the effort with my makeup - albeit minimal in comparison. I styled my hair this morning. I did my nails. I wore a new top.

You may feel the effort is unnecessary but small attempts to focus on our appearance can equate to something much bigger than just looking presentable.

It could be the difference between feeling in control, or not. It might just elevate your mood, and motivate you. It may even give you a much needed confidence boost.

Don’t get stuck in a rut by letting it all go during this quarantine time, just because you’re indoors and not socialising. It’s not forever and now’s a better time than any to really experiment with your personal style.

Whatever you choose to focus on over the coming weeks and months (family time and staying healthy and safe aside) remember that YOU still need your attention too.