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Body Acceptance

I believe there is a huge misconception (and pressure) on women that in order for us to experience self acceptance, we need to love our bodies. Ideal, yes, but simply not true. And here's why.

Self love just isn't that easy. Not only are we our own worst critics, picking out our flaws and failings readily, we're also programmed to deflect positive reinforcement, compliments and sometimes, even love, from both others and more importantly, ourselves.

We can accept ourselves without actually loving ourselves. Just as we can accept things in others that we're not necessarily comfortable with.

But here's the thing. When we begin to accept ourselves, the love comes all on its own.

Just like anything or anyone that we love, it isn't logic or contrived, it's from the heart, it’s a feeling and there's no rules to it. Love is love.

Approach loving yourself with this in mind.

You are imperfect and also very much worthy of love.

So start with accepting your imperfections. Start with accepting your lumps and bumps and scars and idiosyncracies and weight and size and skin and all of the above.

With the right mindset and affirmations, self acceptance can and will lead to love if you allow it.


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