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When I taught Latin dancing I spent several evenings a week teaching classes, training, learning new routines for exams and shows as well as working a full-time corporate job.⁠ I worked hard. ⁠ Which meant that every now and then, in my dancing, I'd have moments of total exhaustion and inevitably my technique would get a little sloppy. ⁠ Some nights I’d be so tired. Poor posture, no precision, muscles screaming, lungs on fire.⁠ One such night, after a week of working particularly hard preparing for exams, putting together new routines, rehearsing for group classes, my teaching partner suggested I sit it out and chose a senior dancer in the class to step in and take my place.⁠ “Shad, take a breath, relax your shoulders and just breathe.” It wasn't something he'd ever done before, but instead of insisting I could continue, I was grateful for the break, so I obliged.⁠ I sat it out for no more than a song or two, slowed my breathing, stretched a little, and as I got back up and started again, I noticed myself totally back on form. ⁠ I literally went from running on empty, to being able to dance with more strength and stamina than I had in weeks!⁠ All because of a few minutes break of stretching and focusing on my breath.⁠ I remember driving home that night, exhausted but satisfied; reflecting on the class and how much that small break had SUCH an impact on not only my mindset but also my performance.⁠ I share this story as reminder to you that when you're super busy and taking a break doesn't feel like an option, it's probably EXACTLY what you need.⁠ Slow down.⁠ Take a moment. ⁠ Focus inward, breathe, then power on with more focus, determination and do better.


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