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Busy Mum Styling

As a mother of three, I understand first hand that we mamas inevitably have FAR less time for ourselves than we did before kiddos.

Our priorities shift.

But the idea that women automatically lose their sense of style once they procreate, is ridiculous and yep, I'm gonna say it . . . a poor excuse.

I've met countless women who are both desperately clinging on to a sense of identity and others who just can't be bothered anymore, because Little Junior is "all that really matters".

Look I know that while the kiddos are small and super dependent, it's important that we wear comfortable, versatile clothing.

I also know that it's just as important to remember that a good outfit can offer those things too - it's not just leggings and sweatshirts that hide your bits, provide comfort and allow you to let it all hang out.

If you're a busy mum and spend much of your time in practical clothing like a knit top with a pair of jeans or leggings (and honestly, that's many of you) there are easy ways to dress it up to look more stylish, more put together - and still remain practical.

I could give you a long list of ideas but for the purposes of keeping this short and sweet, let's start with the obvious.

Accessories are key. Not only do they provide focal points, they also add personality to any outfit - even jeans and a slouch top.

If you’re in that grabby, chewy baby stage you’ll find that the majority of your existing necklaces and dangly earrings may not be practical, but a bright scarf can be a great way to add texture and colour and will also double as a handy accessory when breastfeeding, as you can drape it over your baby to minimise distraction.

Bold shoes (flat, comfy but fun), interesting cocktail rings and pretty headscarves are 'pop' items.

Most importantly, get creative.

And if you need more advice and ideas on how to rock your style, you know where to find me.


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