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I've just returned home from a week away with my little family.

Views were pretty, experiences were rich but it wasn't blissful.

In fact it was hard work. Stressful. And I may or may not have had a meltdown in the middle of Cuba Street because I'd had enough of my little people and their misbehaving.

School holidays aren't always giggles and adventures.

And neither is every day life.

It's messy and unpredictable.

And we're allowed momentary tantrums.

But having control of our inner thoughts and being present, aware and conscious of our priorities is what makes these testing moments temporary.

Here's hoping for a little less chaos this week . . . *I type this as my children lie slothfully on the floor at my feet, still in pjs and playing mindless games on their ipods, coz a Mum's gotta do what a Mum's gotta do*


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