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Dealing With Anxiety

I learned over time that what my clients were lacking more than anything was confidence.

And what is strongly connected to that is stress and anxiety.

I have struggled with both in varying levels and understand that many things can trigger it and therefore there are many ways to manage it.

Here's five suggestions on how to manage stress and anxiety for you to consider.

> Firstly, try to be aware of how your brain works and why. We often feel stressed, anxious and panicked because we have a perception in our minds of what SHOULD be happening. When things doesn't unfold the way we've planned or hoped, it can trigger stress.

> Speak to a professional. Life can be difficult and filled with uncertainty. Whatever is going on around you or within you, if you are feeling anxious or experience panic attacks, it may be as a result of an underlying health issue.

> Write about it. Journaling helps in that it forces you to get your thoughts out of your mind and onto paper. Seeing your words in black and white can be a release and a helpful unburdening.

> Check in with yourself. Gratitude is a beautiful emotion and the beauty of it is that you cannot simultaneously feel negative thoughts at the same time as feeling truly grateful. When you tap into gratitude, you’re essentially flushing out negative feelings and thoughts.

> Talk about it. Just the same as journaling, sharing what you're experiencing with someone you can trust, who will listen openly and who will not judge is imperative.


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