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Enjoy The Process

During a recent workshop we discussed the process of "finding" our confidence and personal style.

A participant asked, "So what if you've found it? How do you know when you’ve reached your happy place on your style journey? And where to from there? What do we need to do to stay there?"

Brilliant questions and the answer is actually, quite simple.

Because the truth is, we are constantly evolving; which means our confidence and personal style - from how we dress, what we're drawn to, what we love, how we feel about ourselves, what we think looks good and compliments us - is ever changing.

Think about your body and your personal style and the way you were as person 10 years ago.

If nothing has changed, you'd question it, surely?

I've gone through phases, some good, some downright ridiculous, but that's the beauty of change.

Fringe, no fringe, long hair, short hair, bright and flamboyant, and these days a lot of active wear.

It's all about lifestyle, right?

So keep developing. Enjoy experimenting with your style. Embrace the phases and stages. It's all part of the journey.


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