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Fat - The Enemy?

From the time we’re old enough to make any sense of the world around us, millions of us are taught that fat is our dreaded, shameful enemy, while simultaneously raised to view food as a quick fix.

“Feeling sad? Have some chocolate.”

“If you’re good I’ll buy you a treat.”

“Sore throat? Here, have some ice cream.”

We’ve learned that weight loss, at any cost, by any means, is to be rewarded.

Women who lose it are showered with praise, attention and compliments, while those who gain it are whispered about for “letting themselves go.”

We’ve been programmed to believe that to have fat is bad, unacceptable, a failure and that to be thin is somehow an accomplishment.

I see women waste years desperately trying to “fix” their “fat” problem so they feel better about themselves and acceptable to the current narrative.

It’s toxic and damaging.

When we associate our happiness and worth with a number on the scales, it's inevitable that we struggle with self confidence if we gain weight.

But if we stop focusing on weight and instead focus on shedding those self-destructive beliefs about our bodies, then, we can shed the emotional weight they've created.


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