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Find out who you are

I spent YEARS suppressing, concealing and holding back on things about myself. Things that made me ME.

Little things like lying about my name. It was just easier as a child to say my name was "Shannon" so that I wasn't different.

Or bigger things like not speaking up in circumstances I wasn't comfortable with.

I hid my quirks, my true feelings and so much of myself, well into adulthood, without even realising it. I wasn't truly embracing who I was.

But why?

I was outwardly confident, bubbly and self aware. It couldn't possibly be down to insecurity and self doubt.

Or could it?

Self confidence, self-belief, genuinely feeling comfortable in the skin you're in, believe it or not, those things that are easy to fake.

I know, because I did it every day, most of my life. I am a walking talking example of how you can "fake it till you make it".

But faking it isn't what I'm really all about. And it's not what I encourage.

Why fake it when you can have the real deal?


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