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Here's to Level 2

Would you just look at me, with my clean hair and smudge-free makeup. This has definitely not been a daily practice during lockdown.

My days and weeks have consisted of what I can best describe as a chaotic juggling act of work, play, homeschooling and refereeing.

Sometimes just whipping on a bra and a bit of lippy is all the motivation I need to charge through the day with domestic prowess.

Other days I didn’t shower.

But here we are, at level 2 and venturing back into some semblance of a new normal. And however you navigate the next phase, whichever path you choose in finding your normal again . . .

Don’t do it alone.

It can be difficult for some to reintegrate into social circles. But whether you’re chomping at the bit to reconnect or shying away from peopling again, remember we’ve all been locked away - be it happily or otherwise - with children, spouses and monotony. And now, more than ever, we need connection.

So reach out. Connect. Enjoy this step forward.

Here’s to level 2 🙌🏽


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