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Investing in Yourself

I know that choosing to spend money on your personal development (even if it’s necessary) can feel risky when you’re not flush with cash.

And in general, investing in yourself can be scary – especially when it means parting with money you don’t really have in the first place.

But cost is rarely the issue.

I read recently that when we say we can’t afford something or it costs too much, there’s usually a deeper fear or worry that we’re not saying out loud, which might sound something like :

What if it doesn’t work?

Am I even capable of achieving the results I want?

Will it be worth it?

Does the value justify the price?

How do I know this investment will pay off?

And while these are all valid questions, its worth also asking yourself these ones too :

What if I don’t invest in this?

How much will I miss out on by not exploring this option?

Where will I be a year (or 10) from now if I keep doing what I’m doing now?

If you’re considering coaching with Inna Moment but holding back because of these reasons, here’s what I can tell you . . .

We pay the most attention to the things we financially invest in – and that’s when we see the biggest return on investment.

You WILL achieve the results you desire if you’re willing to take that initial step AND do the work.


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