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Keep It Simple

I shared a post some time ago about an article I read when I was a new mother, that really resonated with me.

It talked about the "burnt chop theory". I'd never heard it put that way before but it was essentially about how women inherently put everyone else’s needs before their own, therefore accepting "the burnt chop" for themselves.

As the days turn to weeks in lockdown, I find myself giving more thought to this theory.

Is it unhealthy to put the well being and happiness of our family before our own? Do I prioritise my needs before the needs of others?

As a mother, wife, partner, daughter, friend are we guilty of putting the needs of others above our own, purely to appease, save embarrassment or ill-feeling?

Is it really that simple?

What’s your stance on this? Do YOU come first? How do you prioritise yourself? Do you find it difficult to practice self prioritising?

I'd love to hear your thoughts.


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