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learn to love you

A major part of my role as personal stylist is to either remind women of their assets or make them see them, often for the first time in their lives.

There's an art to loving your body. Discovering and appreciating what makes you unique and attractive can be tough but the truth is when you learn to accept your appearance you're more likely to nurture it and the many physical and mental health rewards are a bonus. You exude a healthier, more accepting energy that allows you to be more fun-loving and encouraging to not only yourself but those around you. Equally, when you're critical and judgmental about your body, it can and will attract negativity into your life, including negative people. These interactions cause negative emotions which release chemicals into our bodies that often lead to illness.

Learning to love yourself and how you look is about acceptance and confidence and these two elements can change your posture, the way you walk, the way you dress and the way you come across to others. It starts with a change in attitude, like slipping on that dress that makes you stand out, not shying away from those brighter accessories, changing your hair colour, experimenting with different styles.

Remember: Self confidence is the BEST outfit. So rock it and ownt it!


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