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I've always been drawn to the practice of meditation.

Quieting the mind, focusing on the breath, sitting in silence and feeling peace.

Sounds amazing but it's never been easy for me.

My mind is an ever-turning wheel.

I've tried guided meditations, bought recordings, went to classes, but other than enjoying the process, I felt frustrated that I wasn’t able to really experience that inner zen.

Then I realised that I actually meditate often.

The time I sit in my spa, eyes closed, listening to the birds, watching the clouds roll over, I'm meditating.

And there are so many other moments like this when I'm relaxed, my pace has slowed, my thoughts are clearing from my mind and I'm simply being present right there in that space.

It's not all about sitting in a pretzel pose in a dimly lit room filled with whale song and an essential oil diffuser.

It can be about being still, in a clear, mindful and calm state.

Don’t compare how you do it to how other's do it.

You’ve gotta figure out your own way of doing things to find balance.

I've created a beautiful resource that outlines the benefits of meditation for beginners, as well as offering guidance and simple techniques to start small and keep consistent.

If you'd like a copy, DM me.


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