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Mondays Don't Suck!

Mondays don’t suck, your attitude does.

Heavy statement but listen, Mondays have a bad rep, which is a product of not being happy with your life.

Think about it. If you're stuck on a five-day cycle, where you hate your job, have nothing to look forward to or inspire you, it's no wonder you view Mondays as nothing more than an interruption to your weekend leisure time.

It’s all about how you connect to things.

You don't actually hate Mondays, but rather what they represent.

Here's 4 things to change your mindset and your distaste for the first day of the week.

> Monday represents the start of a new week with endless opportunity and new beginnings.

> Fresh and rested after the weekend; Mondays are the day of the week when you actually have more energy and a clearer head space.

> Mondays offer second chances! Mucked it up last week? You have an entire week ahead of you to not only make it right, but make it better.

> The idea of hating Mondays is just an illusion. It's just another day and it's pretty silly to live life hating 1/7 of it.

Change your attitude!


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