My Two Cents Worth

It's official - we are living through crazy, uncertain times. And I know that many, if not all of you, are most likely in some sort of "self-isolation" situation and dealing with potential income loss, home schooling and countless other stressful uncertainties.

I don't have all the answers - I don't think anyone does - but what I can tell you is this . . .

There is zero rationale or reward in worrying about things we have no control over. Worry is a complete drain on your resources. Easy to sit here behind my screen and tap these words on my keyboard, but they are the hard truth.

And despite everything, we DO have SOME control as participants in this. For some it's literally just locking down in isolation, for others, it's being on the front lines, treating the sick, risking personal health and sacrificing family time.

But the most crucial thing in all of this is to have hope. Hope that if we each do our part, we will overcome. Our lives will be whole again. Our businesses will rebuild, our children will return to school and our economies will thrive once more.

So I guess my long-winded point is that while I can't fix these issues and maybe really even help, but please know that in the coming weeks and for however long it takes, Inna Moment is available to you in the virtual world - continuing to be a place of support, positive distraction, and "business as usual" as much as realistically possible.

Inna Moment's virtual doors remain open. I will be here to provide you with advice, ideas, anything you may be seeking when it comes to style, beauty, fashion, body positivity and confidence.

So reach out. Stay safe. Stay home. Stay well.