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Now is the time for Authenticty

Like all business owners, I've been forced to think and operate beyond the norm during this uncertain time. I'm learning to embrace the change that this pandemic has imposed and in so many ways, I've found that it has encouraged me to look inward, just as much as I would to my clients' needs.

My job is very much about motivating, supporting and inspiring women. And as much as that it STILL my passion, I feel that motivational posts and the like can be . . . well, perhaps a little redundant for many during this time.

We're all in the midst of a pandemic unlike anything we've ever experienced before, and it feels skewed for me to wax lyrical about finding confidence and working on personal style and self development when all we're really focusing on is keeping well, monotonous meal prep, not failing at home schooling and keeping our marriages alive.

At the best of times personal styling, body positivity and self confidence requires substantial effort and often digging deep. And now just isn't the time for all that - not for the majority of us anyway.

Now is the time for authenticity and for being anything that works and that gets you through the day; anything that makes you grateful and keeps you smiling. And that means different things for all us.

Rest assured I'm still here for all the motivation, encouragement, advice and inspiration, as I've always been - it's delivered with fluffy slippers, chipped polish and messy top knots rather than heels and lippy right now 🤷‍♀️


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