organised beauty

Guilty of messy, overcrowded beauty drawers and counters? Check out my simple and creative ways to organize your products.

  1. First and foremost, minimize the amount of product you own. You do not need seventeen pots of the same cherry lip gloss.

  2. Use clear acrylic drawers or tubs that will allow you to scan the contents without having to rifle through.

  3. Drawer dividers have a way of instantly making your makeup drawers look organised. Group items together i.e. all your lipsticks and liners together, all your hair ties and clips together etc.

  4. Sort your products by category (lips, eyes, blush, etc) and place in a container or organiser that separates them and store in a drawer or cabinet away from sunlight and humidity.

  5. Wrap an empty shoe box in pretty paper and fill it with your favorite polishes. Then paint the top of each bottle cap with the colour inside so you can easily find the shade you’re looking for.

  6. Fill a small vase with coloured marbles or little white stones and stick your makeup brushes in upright.

  7. For dust-free storage store brushes and applicators in a straw dispenser, so they stay lint-free and it looks super chic vintage too.

  8. For OCD-like organisation, group makeup together by product, then by brand, then by colour (if you have the time).

  9. Never keep makeup in the bathroom — it’s humid and therefore the perfect breeding ground for germs and bacteria.

  10. For the true product junkie, clear plastic shoe storage sheets are fab. They hang from your door offering a clutter-free solution and you can add labels to make finding the right eye shadow easy as pie.

  11. A huge part of de-cluttering makeup is the guilt we feel because we spent a lot of money on our makeup. We hang on to colours that we’ll never wear or scents we don’t like because they were expensive. Give them away if you cant bare to toss them.

  12. Repurpose pretty jars or empty candle holders to keep your brushes or mascaras in line.

  13. Some perfume bottles and skin care jars are just too pretty to hide away so use a tray (or repurpose a picture frame) to display all of your best items.