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Overcoming Doubt

Doubt is such a fickle thing.

There’s so many big things in life we dive into without hesitation and with so much self belief.

Like learning to ride a bike or deciding to become a parent.

We don’t know if we're gonna get it right, but we do it anyway and learn as we go.

So why are we so self-doubting when it comes to other, less daunting things?

Why do we struggle to take a chance on things when we’ve done it successfully countless times before?

I talk to plenty of people who are stuck in neutral because of their doubt, and if that's you, know this . . .

To overcome doubt you must train your brain to ALWAYS have that unwavering, zero hesitation confidence to just dive on in.

That doesn't mean you won't make mistakes.

It doesn't mean you won't face obstacles and heartbreak and disappointment.

It doesn't even mean that you'll never failure.

You will.

But if you believe you're capable, if you stop spending hours in your head thinking about what’s going to go wrong and what you’re missing, rather than what you can achieve, then you're half way there.

Give yourself a chance.

Claim confidence.

And believe in your own ability to succeed.


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