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Poor Self-Image is a Mindset

. . . And to overcome it, starts with changing bad habits and learning new ways to think about body positivity.

Easier said than done but there are a few simplified ideas that can help.

1. Forget The Numbers - No matter what society or retailers say, you just can’t attach a number to your sense of self-worth! We are not a size. We’re individuals with shape and no piece of clothing will fit us all the same, no matter what the number says. Wear what fits and chuck out the scales if standing on them brings you down.

2. Make Time For Yourself - If you want to feel good about you, the first step is putting in the time. Nothing makes you feel more pampered and treated than a trip to a day spa or salon. Whether it's a massage, a manicure or a facial, give yourself a couple of hours to indulge. And do it often.

3. Have A Clear Out - Feel refreshed in an instant by shedding your unwanted stuff. Go through your clothes and donate whatever makes you feel bad about yourself. No matter what you paid for it or how new it is, if it’s too tight, too big, or just no longer YOU, toss it or give it to someone who can enjoy it. Life’s too short for clothes you don’t love and that don't make you feel awesome!

4. Get Moving - Redirect your mood by getting active, even if that means hitting the footpath for a walk, a sweaty hike or a dance off in the kitchen!

5. Be Kind To Yourself - Take a vacation from self-analysis. And when you come back to the mirror, stop scrutinizing and criticizing and focus on the positives.


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