Post Lockdown

The past 700 weeks have been full of change. Many of you will have been working from home, some dealt with redundancy and most will have juggled homeschooling and confinement with spouses. All in all, it’s been a lot to process.

But little did we know that when the world temporarily stopped, we would be given the opportunity to disconnect and take stock.

Some of us broke bad habits, focused inward, reconfirmed relationships and began to realign their purpose.

Some of us just took a deep breath and willingly switched the world off.

Many of us did both.

Either way, as we move forward, the most exciting thing (aside from socialising more freely and shopping in actual stores), is that we get to decide how the next phase plays out. The who, what, where and why is all up to you!

So give it some thought. What are your goals post lockdown? What are you giving up and leaving behind? What are you focusing on?

Now is the time to realign. Now is the time to do what it is you want, unapologetically. Even if that involves drinking Prosecco before 11am with friends (not even sorry 🤷🏽‍♀️)